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All of our cattle are pure-bred, Red Angus. We graze them in their natural habitat of lush green pasture.  They are raised in a humane and stress free environment without the use of added growth hormones.

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Osiris Ranch was founded in 2013 based on our belief in the concepts of Farm-To-Table and Sustainable Farming.  We take pride in providing top quality grass-fed beef to our customers in the Northwest Washington area. We also develop and occasionally make available superior breeding stock using genetics from international grand championship sires.

We named our ranch after Osiris, the Ancient Egyptian god of Agriculture, Fertility, and the Nile. The ancient Egyptians farmed in harmony with nature, and maintained a close stewardship of their land.  Cattle played a very important role in their society.


  • To provide the highest quality grass-fed, grass-finished beef to the consumer that is lean, nutritious and contains a higher omega 3 fat content; grown without the use of added growth hormones.

  • To improve the genetics of our herd and provide breeding stock through selective AI breeding with the best Red Angus sires.

  • To graze cattle in their natural habitat of lush green pastures, allowing them to feast on their native diet of grass.

  • To handle the livestock in a gentle, respectful, and humane manner, resulting in healthier, stress free animals.

  • To manage the ranch in a profitable manner, while protecting and improving its natural resources, wildlife habitat, and scenic beauty.




Grass-Fed Red Angus Beef

Whole or Half Cow

Championship Red Angus Breeding Stock


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Osiris Ranch

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